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Online Payroll — It’s What We Do

Payroll is critical to your small business…yet maybe it’s not your area of expertise. Our online payroll services make it SIMPLE. You just log in, enter hours, review and approve.

Payroll Taxes

Our online payroll service automatically calculates, files and pays the federal, state and local payroll taxes for your small business. At year-end, we post your W-2s and 1099s online. You will be able to review and approve before they are final! If employees lose their W-2s and need more copies, you can simply print new ones.

Direct Deposit or Print Checks Yourself

You have the option to either pay your employees via direct deposit or print checks at your home or office. You can use one or a combination of payment options, depending on your employee needs. Unlike other providers, you are able to use direct deposit right away! Even as soon as your first payroll — if you have all the required documentation on file.

Process Your Payroll in 2 Minutes

Enter. Review. Approve. Paying your employees and filing your payroll taxes are done in a snap and you have access to everything you’ll need through your secure Account Center. Here you can quickly process your small business payroll, view reports, edit employee information, access our online help library or contact our payroll company customer service through online chat.

Our payroll services provide industry leading security for your small business. A dedicated security staff continually implements new technologies allowing us to keep your data safe, secure and available when you need it.

Alarmed and monitored by on-site security 24/7 and by third parties, we are equipped with redundant power, networking and additional systems to ensure availability

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